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Custom Submission Rules

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1 Custom Submission Rules on Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:44 pm




1. When character techs are approved, update your move-sets/Logs. 
2. The new skill needs to be placed in your character move-set which can be found in this section of the forum. It is called 'Move sets'.


3. It is mandatory for you to create a move-set thread in the move-set sub-forum
4. You're only allowed to have one move-set thread, we suggest you keep it organized as much as possible, so if we decide to track your previous history of things, your information will be there.
5. Your move-set is also to be thought of as your character storage. Keep things neat.


5. A character can have as many techniques as they wish, the character's status must be alive though. 
6. You are allowed to create a total of twenty (20) weapons for a single rpc, the only way a character's weapon arsenal can grow is if they are gifted a weapon, or it is stolen.
7. You are allowed to submit FOUR CUSTOM submissions  per week. 
8We will check your customs and edit your move with a note at the bottom of your post. If you need to resubmit, and need the help of a mod, post the @symbol once you have made the corrections you were asked to make originally.
9. If our comment says "Declined; Do Not Resubmit" This means your custom can never be approved and you are not to submit it again.

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