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[TIME-LINE] General Overview and Yearly Events

Continuum's role-play world is a mix of modern/future world and fantasy. By modern, it's the year 2017 and most of the technology we have now, in our current age is in the roleplay. Cell phones, assault weapons, gas stations, malls, ect. There's a futuristic twist to the role-play because high-tech weapons, battle armor, and flying vehicles are relevant. The world is also fantasy being that knights still exist, great castles remain as part of massive cities within Gaia. And the outer-lands are much like a fantasy world where you can find beasts of all kinds to conquer. 

✪2017: Politically, the world remains at ease for now. The lands of Gaia are also in peace, but dangers of wild beast in the day time roam about. Shadows still spawn at night; hunters, soldiers, knights, and travelers should stay careful. Finally, the only interesting thing going on in the world at the time are the rumors about Astrale Candy. No kingdom has recovered the rare commodity yet, but it is said to be a gift from the gods.

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