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Libitina Information

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Basic Information
Role-Players who live, or come to Libitina should know that the kingdom is based on Japan's Shinjuku City. If role-players create their own threads and want to add images to them, they can only choose night-time  images of japan.  Besides players being able to add their own locations, there are default locations which anyone can role-play in. Read the small list below.

-Crown Train Station
-Noura Library
-Libitina Third District

Libitina's culture is quite unique compared to other kingdoms within Gaia, mainly because everyone in the kingdom only wears black attire. It symbolizes their worship for their goddess, Makria. The people, but most importantly, the kings of the past believe the color black represents a symbol of death. But in better words, the people of Libitina would rather phrase it as an acceptance of death. 

Only those who work under the king as a soldier receive his blessing, which is earning some of his power. Users of the king's magic are able to store multiple weapons into a pocket space and summon them whenever, where-ever. Though, there are devastating draw-backs to exhausting this method of power because one is also granted with the ability of teleportation. Users of the magic who teleport more than three times will experience uncontrollable coughing. They will cough up black smoke that releases golden and crimson sparks of light. If they teleport a fifth time, they will hear the voices of dead loved ones. Using this magic beyond five times will completely drain the user to the point their magically enhanced weapons will become useless. They also will pass out after five minutes, in the time of their slumber, they will experience a life changing nightmare. They will be met with a blood red world of black creatures and they have glowing yellow eyes. Only direct descendants of the king can use his power to its full potential. 

Unit Banshee - A top secret unit formed with talented individuals. The small unit is tasked with the most difficult jobs normal soldier can't withstand the pressure of, the Banshee unit is also responsible for protecting the king just as any authority figure of the law is. The unit is also tasked with gathering intelligence for the king, this intel stems from monster threats, scientific research, and spying.

Banshee ranks:

To join the ranks of Banshee, actual role-play is needed for you to enroll, you will have to pass the tasks given to you by your general. If you fail all his tests, then you will not be able to enlist.

General - Nexus

First Class Soldier(Second in command, but takes direct orders from the general. - Vacant(0/1)

3rd Class Soldier(Usually a new entry soldier, they take orders from higher chain of command) - Vacant(0/3)

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