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Third District

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1 Third District on Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:53 am



The lower class of Libitina live here, the majority of new military recruits, and standard law enforcement begin their careers living in third district for a period of time.

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2 Re: Third District on Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:58 am

Jane Simmons.

It was midnight. Jane Simmons was walking in the middle of a winter day, alone in the streets. She wore a multicolored scarf around her neck and a black leather jacket to keep herself warm and protected from the wind’s vicious attacks.  As she was passing by a lake, she felt a presence behind her. She turned around abruptly but no one was there. The wind whistled loudly and a sigh of relief escaped her lips before turning to walk away.  Startled she jumped ten feet back. ''Who are you?!'' she yelled at the faceless man in front of her.  The man stood with his head down and his hood on.  A few growls were coming from him, but no words.   Jane’s facial expression changed to a curious one but she was conflicted. Every inch of her body was screaming for her to get away.  She stood opposite of the covered man for a couple more minutes before finally deciding to leave. She passed him by but then a cold grip, wrapped around her arm. ''Wh-What are you doing?!'' she said, her voice trembling. The grip of this man felt like it was draining her of life.  She was pulling her arm away from his touch but every time she tried so, the grip kept tightening more and more. So much more. It felt like his crooked fingers and his long nails were sinking into her skin. His nails seemed to be more like claws, long and sharp. She kicked and punched but nothing seemed to make him budge. ''You’re mine!'' the man finally spoke, his voice hoarse, a mere whisper that echoed in her mind. ''No!'' she screamed with tears rolling down her cheeks. ''Why, but–'' the man spoke again and as he brought his face closer to her, he continued. ''YES!'' His teeth were sharp, his tongue long like a snake's and his breathe like death. Like a mausoleum that the dead seemed to be dancing on. His eyes were empty of emotion. Of life. It brought chills down her spine and made her try harder to escape from his grip.

Benjamin Pierce.

Benjamin walked through the city of Libitina with Ominous by his side. He had promised Jane to feed him since she couldn’t come. He was thinking about how tired he was of this life. He was killing people as he was getting paid to do so but the money wasn't enough. It never was. He wanted to join the Unit Banshee with Jane like they had decided. But somehow they never managed to do so. They were living by their rules and that was something they felt comfortable with. They were happy that they didn't have to answer to anyone. It was the only positive thing that this life gave them. Ominous's lick brought Benjamin back from his thoughts. ''Yes, buddy. Food.'' he said after he petted him.

He started looking for some berries and apples in the local market to take home for their breakfast. He bought food for Ominous and some other things that they needed. An hour later he walked home and he heard Jane screaming. Ominous ran as fast as he could to her room and after Benjamin placed the stuff on the counter he ran to her side as well.  ''Jane?!'' he yelled as he watched her struggling under the covers.  He quickly sat next to her and grabbed her by her shoulders, shaking her gently to wake her. She was covered in sweat. ''Wake up!'' he yelled but she seemed unable to snap out of it. Benjamin got up and walked towards the kitchen, he filled a glass of water and ran back in the room, he tossed the water on Jane’s face and she opened her eyes within seconds. She was breathing heavily while looking around alertly. ''Where am I? Where is he?!'' she was rambling. Benjamin looked at her confused. ''Who?'' he asked as he then looked around but Jane seemed to ignore him, as she kept asking where is he. ''Where is who?!'' Benjamin finally yelled, snapping Jane back in to reality. ''Where is who?'' he repeated, calmly. ''None..'' she murmured, with tears rolling down her cheeks. ''It was a nightmare, again.'' Benjamin continued, Ominous licked Jane’s cheeks to comfort her. A faint smiled appeared on her face and then she repeated with a nod. ''A nightmare..''

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