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Anna's RP Tips

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1 Anna's RP Tips on Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:59 am

Do not act nonsensically from an In Character perspective. Do not be upset when your IC actions have unintended consequences. All of the “wrong” examples could be acceptable roleplay scenarios. That is, when they are plotted out beforehand with the roleplayers involved. Plotting beforehand not only avoids plot holes, it helps prevent dissatisfaction and drama.

“I’m going to have Azazel attack a stranger — I’d like for him to be severely beaten and left for dead somewhere. Someone else will rescue him.” This alleviates other players’ anxieties about Azazel’s player potentially wanting Azazel to walk away without a scratch, and gives some (believable, realistic!) direction to the plot.

↝Just because you may be unhappy with a scenario’s outcome do not attempt to alter the situation to your personal favor. If it’s already discussed. ALSO Fights are a common place for cheesing. It helps to avoid cheesing in fight roleplay by plotting winners. Figure out who is going to win and who is going to lose, and make sure everyone is happy with that outcome!

a) WRONG: “Two characters could have a romantic scene. When the morning-after comes, one character could say, ‘Oh, and by the way, I took a magical fertility potion and there’s a 100% chance I’m pregnant now'”.
b) RIGHT: There is no right way to cheese. If you want to twist up a plot or have an unexpected outcome, discuss it with the player first. If you force consequences on their character, you’re cheesing. When a certain outcome is expected or plotted, stick to it.

Don’t create characters in an open-ended, non-combat game with intent to “win” or completely dominate. Just remember when creating this character make sure you give it depth beyond their fighting abilities. Give it a personality and make sure the character interacts with others.

Do not pick up characters like it’s going out of style. Only, to drop them shortly thereafter. Roleplay requires active participants — and if you’re switching characters every third week, you’re not establishing yourself or your characters.

Do not demand thread requests and rarely reply to requests made by others. Do not twist threads and plots to your own desires. Remember, roleplay is a collaborative effort — you need to take and give!

Do NOT be a corner whiner. Don’t demand from the community to welcome you and drown you with thread requests and attention only for YOU to make zero effort and not put yourself into the community. Do not whine about not getting enough attention.  You are not the only person in the community that might be in need of it. Remember, you have to put yourself out there.

Do NOT demand from other roleplayers to fall in love at first sight with your character just because you feel like it. There’s nothing wrong with plotting things out beforehand (it’s suggested). However, character relationships are best decided by characters themselves.

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