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Tail-Tales Outpost

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1 Tail-Tales Outpost on Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:20 pm


—Outpost Owner: Tidus 
—Gas Station 
—Melvin's Diner 
—Small indoor shop


Age: 39 
Personality: Tidus is a laid back personality, he enjoys talking to the young and helping them with their problems. By the look in the eyes of strangers, he can understand volumes about that person based on life experiences. People more than often accept Tidus with open arms due to his charisma.
Other:  Tidus' father was a lead man for the old mining site, Nebula. His father disappeared in that dungeon many years ago. Tidus says that when he walks to the site, he can see his uncle, William.
Knowledge:  Tidus knows of the hidden treasures in Tyr and Frigg grove. (This quest is not available for now.)

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