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[MAGICAE] Guide to understanding magic

Everyone in the world has access to basic magic, this magic can be absorbed into mediums and be used as weapons, or for normal use, like fire for camp sites. Magic works well against specific enemies, be sure to have your RPC's hit the library to learn. Magic posts contain elements and people are free to collect this magic as they see fit. They are scattered across the world, near camp sites. There are three ways in which magic is used in Gaia.

Magic Mediums
Mediums absorb magic elements and can be used for battle. With modern world technology, things like bullets, bombs can be  mixed with magic. Blades of all kinds as well. Magic mediums don't allow the users any form of manipulation over their elements, meaning you CANNOT bend it to your will.

Astrale Candy
Astrale Candy is a rare commodity that allows the owner to become the embodiment of an element. Astrale Candy can only be won in role-play events.

Royal Magic
Royal magic is a special magic that doesn't associate with elements, it comes from the power of a god that has blessed them.

Basic Elements: Fire, Lightning, Blizzard, Wind, Water, Smoke

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