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Combat Classes

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The role-play does not focus on stats, we are more focused on your characters and their development, the best way to have everyone make decent characters is to establish a class system. Think carefully about what type your character will be, because there isn't any going back. 

Given each class is set up differently, the directions for choosing subclasses are going to be explained.  Also, the original class and sub-classes you decide on for your character are meant to be a starting point for your character through roleplay, you are able to grow and augment your character by learning spells, skills or acquiring items. It is possible to go outside your class, but you should know you won't be as good as characters who profess in the class.

This class is somewhat generic in nature, and is like the benchmark for skills. Think of it like the average or middle ground. Characters that fall into the Libratum (balanced) class do not excel in any one area, but nor do they lag behind. Instead, they have a balance with their abilities.

The Auxilium are support characters. They manage to assist more aggressive fighter characters. There are three subclasses.

  • Shield - Shields are tanky characters who have high defense and are slower than average. They act as a shield to protect. They are durable and have a lot of stamina.
  • Medicus - Medicus class are character who are skilled at healing themselves and others. The job of a medicus is never to be the first to die in a team, or be injured so badly they can't help their team mates. 
  •  Puzzlers - This class is made up very unique people that are rare. Their magic is an enigma and cannot be learned, or mimic. Not even by royals. Puzzlers are skilled with immobilizing opponents through magic. To do this they need a medium for the opponent to focus on.

This class is likely to be the most common as the Gladiator are the warriors. There are actually two sets of sub classes that each Senshi needs to pick one from each. The first set deals with how the character is built and the second set is more how they fight.

  • Fortress while this sub class also falls in the shield class, there are also warriors who are built in such a fashion. To reiterate, they are bulky, slow characters who can take a beating. They can also deliver some heavy blows, focusing more on a quality over quantity mentality. Their speed restricts how fast they can hit, but when they hit they hit hard.

  • Volo are speed based fighters who are extremely nimble and quick. They are able to dodge with ease and attack rapidly, however, their attacks are considerably weaker than a Fortress because they can hit multiple times in the time it takes for a Fortress to hit.

  • Tractus are distance fighters. Sometimes, you may not even see your opponent if they are Tractus. This sub-class tends to be fairly vulnerable in up close combat, however, from a distance they will rock your face. They use guns, bows, and other long range technology.

Once you chose one of the above classes, you need to assign a percentage to  three of the styles below. You get 100 percentage points total to divide how you choose. Keep in mind that the more you divide, the weaker your character will be in each style. (Those with higher percentages in certain areas will be better than others who choose the same style)

  • Arma use tools to fight; swords, shuriken, bow and arrows. Anything that is an extension of the body.

  • Martial Artis fight with their own body.

  • Vitare are fighters who do not use their body or weapons to strike and instead fight by making heavy use of magic items, or abilities. 

The last class is the most independent of classes, who are masters of stealth and infiltration. These characters are meant to be able to slip undetected for the most part and accomplish missions in secrecy. There are two main types.

  • Kanchō are experts at espionage, slipping in undetected and gathering intel. They are able to blend into their targets world to acquire the desired information they seek.
  • Kyōkan are assassins. They rely on stealth to eliminate their targets. Fame and recognition is not something they seek, instead operating in the shadows to accomplish their missions.

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