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Sidus Citadel

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1 Sidus Citadel on Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:40 am


Home to the king, and the prince. Many Libitina meetings go on here as well. Beneath the Sidus Citadel is an underground lab used for research on gaia, and other things.

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2 Re: Sidus Citadel on Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:22 pm

The prince dragged his feet going into the citadel's gathering room, the lights were dim and there were no bodies to litter the room with chatter―it was an opera to the prince's ears despite its ghostliness. He folded his arms walking up the flight of stairs; a quick yawn escaped his mouth. As he reached the peak, his heavy eyelids were lifted when he gazed upon a women in a white dress, it was angelic, it seemed to be glowing. Her hair was blonde and it shimmered a winter-white into the prince's eyes. She was unaware of his presence, but he saw her admiring a special painting. She turned around and spoke.  "Why hello there, Prince Igneus, I didn't think you'd be here so early," she said with a summer smile. The prince shoved his hands into his black slacks, he walked closer to her, but kept his distance. "Why's that?" he said. Igneus took a peek at her then turned his eyes to glass windows to see Noura City.

"Because I hear you're a sleepy head," she said. He turned his head, getting a better look at her this time, but she was more focused on the painting glued to the wall. "The goddess of death, Makria, what do you think about her?"

"There isn't much I can say," he said. He looked out the window and into the night sky, there was a faint light breaking through it. "So you can see it as well your majesty?" Igneus quickly walked away from her when she turned his way. "Yeah, but the memories of how it came aren't that great, guess you've had a near death experience too," he said. There was a small silence between the two for a few seconds. Igneus rubbed his hands together since they felt clammy, 'at a time like this?' "They say that when you see the light, it is Makria opening a gate to the after life where all the souls go, but for those that see it, specifically, have been blessed with a special power, at least its what they say in Necrow." She walked past Igneus, getting in front of him only to spin around with grace. He stopped because he was baffled to what she was trying to pull, but his eyes wandered off and he sped past her. 

"Well it's the same here," Igneus said. He took a seat while she chose to stand. "So, did you receive any powers from her light?"

"I don't think I'd want too."
"Yeah, you're right, I think the price is hefty."
"What do you mean?"
"You can only be granted her power at the cost of someone's life."
"Not just anybodies, someone you love, so I'm glad it's just a fairy tale."

Igneus and the girl took a moment took look at each other and then to the sky. "So if it's just a fairy tale, what do you think the light really is?"
"I don't know, it's just there..." Igneus said while standing up. "Isn't that enough to satisfy your curiosity? By the way, don't talk about this to anyone," he said. She looked at him with confused eyes. 'Great, an awkward silence, guess I shouldn't have said that,' Igneus thought. "Oh, by th-"

"Forgive me, call me Oblitus"
"Ah, Oblitus, I should be going now."
"I see, thank you very much for our talk Prince Igneus"
"Please, just call me Igneus"

"Well I should be going too," She said, she quickly turned around and walked away. Her sudden actions shocked Igneus, it made him walk after her, but he stopped when he saw her do the same. She looked at him once more. "You know, maybe the light did give me something special," Oblitus said. "Yeah? What was it?" Igneus said. "A chance to meet you". Igneus smiled and bowed while extending his arms like a bird ready for flight. "Well, the pleasure is mine, I'm glad you enjoyed the nightmare, miss." She giggled. "Well, I see you can be pretty funny, Prince."

"Please, just Igneus", he said. Oblitus smiled, "I'll call you that the next time we meet," she said walking away. "Will do," said Igneus. He watched her walk away, then turned and went to the near by window, placing a hand on the glass. He heard the voice of a woman in his head asking who he was, but he did not respond.

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