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Travel Rules

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[GUIDE] Traveling Rules 

— In the world of Gaia, role-players are forced to travel if they want steady incomes, knowledge, magical weapons, and more. When a character travels outside their kingdom, they MUST travel through the outer-lands forum. In the outer-lands forum, you are to make your own topic/thread, it should always consist of 250 words or more. If you're traveling to a special location within the outer-land boards (Astrale shard, Corvus Mountains, ect) you still have to make a regular thread before you can enter those locations.

—There are many camp grounds scattered across Gaia's outer-lands, it's important to stay on these camp grounds when night falls because shadows will spawn from the ground to attack you constantly if you're in an open area. If your mission has taken you so long night has come, it's best to set up camp and catch some z's and start fresh in the morning.

—Outposts mainly have gas stations, but at these stops you can stock up on normal supplies like basic bullets, weapons, and healing potions that only work on small wounds (You're only allowed to have 3 at a time). Outposts also have diners you can eat at, and trailers you can sleep in for the night if you're tired.

—Gaia is spaced out world filled with desert and grassy landscapes, the world is typically warm, or very hot. Rarely will you come across snowy biomes.

Blue tents are icons meant for camping sites. Players can sleep here when they are on foot. 

Red Torches are icons meant for dungeons.

Green Entrances are secret vaults within dungeons.

The Bane
The bane is a name for something of the unknown. It's origins are still undiscovered till this day despite the world's technology, the bane has a mind of its own in a sense. It can manifest from nothing, but it also manifests in the bodies of the dead, or dying. The living can be infected with the bane as well, that is if they receive a deep enough wound for it to enter. When the bane forms its self, it is known as a shadow. Shadows are powerful creatures of the night, the strongest shadows (natural shadows) come from the under world since that is how they always were. 

Other Rules:
► Characters can only be in one place at a time.

►Character mounts can decrease travel time to 100 words.

►Traveling by boat takes 400 words.

►You have to take a boat in order to reach Corvus mountain, it's literally a mountain surrounded by a huge body of black water.

►Traveling at night by foot is dangerous, you should lay low because shadows are roaming the streets and rural areas of gaia, if they spot you, you will have to fight or run for your life.

►Public boat rides cost 300 crescents.

►Boat rides to Corvus mountain costs 500 crescents.

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